We are men and women with one goal in common: transform communities one neighborhood at a time. We discover needs through the age-old strategy of living in community and building relationships.

Make a tax-deductible donation in the Savings Account # 477800031080 of Davivienda under the name Fundación Comunidad Viva.  

Please send a copy of the receipt to  finanzas@fundacioncomunidadviva.com

[If you wish to designate the donation for a specific project, please note it in the email. E.g. “Convocatoria #001 - Guajira,” or “CUEVA”]

SUPERVACAS - Total Awesomeness



In partnership with local churches, we identify agents of transformation and empower them to work towards the construction of social fabric. We support the work of local churches, thinking together of strategies to reach and impact their communities in a holistic way.



Where do the “SuperVacas” come from? 

They came from a galaxy far far away to rescue kids from boredom...The SuperVacas! Armed with values, art, and fun, the SuperVacas landed in every community with a runway and filled the neighborhoods with total awesomeness. 

Many years ago, the evil outlaw Storm Cloud took our neighborhoods from the city with his lightning bolt of boredom power. This lightning bolt emits waves of boredom that flow through the little black boxes that the neighbors use to babysit their children. Fortunately the SuperVacas received the urgent call from a few rebellious children through a sonic bang.

Where there used to be boredom, now there is total awesomeness! Where there are vacations, there are SuperVacas!

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How Can I Help? - Time + Heart


La Cueva - Evangelical University Community

Tejemaneje - Craft workshop

club SuperVacanes - A space to care for the planet while you care for your heart

Because we who are a part of Comunidad Viva feel an authentic calling to not walk through this world without leaving a footprint. Because we believe that in order to be listened to, we must first listen to others. Because we believe in the local church as an agent of social transformation.

The SuperVacanes club are the boys and girls that care for their neighborhoods, their environments, and their hearts. They get together once a week to learn about important values and character traits through singing, gardening, praying, and memorizing Bible verses. Every week, each child goes home with a challenge to carry out that relates to the value they learned.


La Cueva is a space where lives are transformed and leaders are formed. The field for this process is a group of youth who have grown up in situations of abandonment and orphanhood and face challenges amidst the transition into adulthood.

For them, La Cueva is more than just a place to live. It’s a holistic program of social, academic, laboral, and above all, spiritual assistance. It’s an alternative and an opportunity for those who would otherwise face a bleak future.

For Comunidad Viva, social fabric matters and in Tejemaneje, much more is sewn than that. 

The products made in Tejemaneje are of high quality because they are made with love in an place where friendships are being built. Women, men, and children alike find in Tejemaneje a space to create community.

ciudad corazón

1. Use your time, pray for us and spread the word

Pray for us, for our projects and for the unity that we need to work together with local churches and make a bigger impact on the community. Help us spread our vision. Share the latest news from the Foundation on social media.

2. Use your life and participate in our projects

Support our projects and activities, contact us and help us help others.

3. Use your resources and donate

You too can contribute to the construction of community. Your support is what makes it possible for our mission to more and more people. With even the smallest donation, you can paint a smile on the faces of our children, youth, and communities.